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Chengdu Newsun is a biotechnology company with independent innovation in compound design, synthetic biology technology innovation and application, discovery and evaluation of active compounds in natural products, research and development of co- extraction technology for "Natural Product Prescriptions", research on gene editing technology and molecular breeding technology for medicinal herbs, innovation in microbial pesticide technology varieties, achievement transformation, industrialization, and marketization capabilities.

Since its establishment in 1999, we have always taken "Technological Innovation Driving Green Development of Agriculture" as our mission, and "Health Crop Protection" as our company's technical service concept. We focus on the construction of a scientific research system and biotechnology research and development guided by the full process health crop protection and national major agricultural production needs. We provide a full process bio integration technology called “From Soil To Table" for green organic agriculture and "Zero Pesticide Residue" agricultural product production. Chengdu Newsun will continuously play an important role in promoting the green and high-quality development of agriculture, improving the quality of arable land, and reducing the pressure on agricultural ecological environment.

After more than 20 years of accumulation and precipitation, Chengdu Newsun has formed five core biotechnology technologies, including biopesticides, biological plant growth regulators, soil remediation, biostimulants, and "Zero Pesticide Residue" full process biological integration technology, which are also the "Five Business Cards" of Chengdu Newsun biotechnology.

The First Business Card: Biopesticides

Biopesticides focus on natural product pesticides, including botanical pesticides and microbial pesticides. Relying on the innovative "Co-Extraction Technology" proposed by Chengdu Newsun, and through synthetic biology, gene editing technology, etc., the issue of limited resources and land competition is solved totally, significantly improving the control effect of biopesticides and significantly reducing application costs, promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the biopesticides industry. At the same time, with the promotion and application of biopesticides, it is of great value to reduce crop dependence on chemical pesticides, reduce resistance to pesticides, reduce chemical pesticide residues, improve the quality and safety of agricultural products, maintain biodiversity, and alleviate environmental pressure.


The Second Business Card: Biological Plant Growth Regulators

Relying on the self-developed natural product plant endogenous regulation technology of 14-Hydroxylated Natural Brassinosteroid and the world's first applied level plant signal molecule regulation technology – COR Coronatine, which can actively respond to the impact of extreme weather such as low temperature, drought, and cold spell in later spring on agricultural production, promote stable and high yield, and build food security. At the same time, they can significantly improve the quality of agricultural products, enhance the quality of agricultural products, increase planting income and agricultural industry value.


The Third Business Card: Soil remediation

Chengdu Newsun has been focusing on the research and transformation of soil remediation technology for more than 20 years. Currently, it has developed more than ten patented technologies and products for soil acidification, salinization, heavy metal remediation, and particle structure remediation. At the same time, the combination of soil remediation technology and soil nutrient products has formed a "Socialized Remediation and Management Technology", comprehensively promoting soil remediation and management, improving the quality of cultivated land, building a solid foundation for food security, and making the "Chinese Rice Bowl" more secure.


The Fourth Business Card: Biostimulants

Biostimulants technology is one of the key technologies that will affect the future field of agricultural crop protection. But biostimulants are not simple single components or functions, but integrated technologies and functions. Chengdu Newsun Biostimulant Technology Innovation Research and Development Platform has formed six key functional biostimulants through years of research and development accumulation, including GFB-Growth Factor Biostimulants, STB-Stress Tolerance Factor Biostimulants, PSB-Photosynthesis Biostimulants, CKB-Cytokinin Biostimulants, CSB-Coloring and Sugar Enhancement Biostimulants, and IFB-Immune Factor Biostimulants. And through the development and application of biostimulant integration technology, crops can grow healthily according to the expectations of growers, achieve yield targets, and significantly improve the quality of agricultural products. At the same time, by promoting health crop growth and immune enhancement, reducing the occurrence of diseases and pests, reducing pesticides application, improving the agricultural ecological environment, and promoting the development of sustainable and healthy agriculture. The application of biostimulant technology highlights the unique importance of crops in resisting abiotic stress caused by adverse environments and extreme climates in the future.


The Fifth Business Card: "Zero Pesticide Residue" Full Process Biological Integration Technology

"Zero Pesticide Residue" refers to the detection limit of each chemical component in the food standard, and failure to detect it is considered as "Zero". The "Zero Pesticide Residue" full process biological integration technology is based on the self-developed "From Soil to Table" full process biological technology by Chengdu Newsun, relying on the enterprise's innovative “8S Crop Full Process Standardized Management System” for health crop protection (referred to as 8S) to achieve crop full process biological integration technology services, Ultimately achieving zero pesticide residue in agricultural products, improving the quality and safety of agricultural products, enhancing the value of agricultural industries, promoting rural revitalization, and supporting high-quality development.


In the future, Chengdu Newsun will continue to adhere to the development concept of innovation and breakthrough, always focusing on agricultural biotechnology innovation, continuously creating the "Five Business Cards" of Chengdu Newsun Biotechnology, committed to becoming one of the most competitive agricultural biotechnology companies in the world, and serving the high-quality development of agriculture.

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