Research on bio techniques of remediation of soil acidification, salinization and alkalization.

Research on bio techniques of remediation of soil heavy metal pollution.

Research on bio techniques of remediation of soil aggregation structure.

Research on bio stimulant and nutrition, and soil microbial environment.

Reduce the crops’ dependence on chemical products, remedy soil and eco environment, maintain and improve the biodiversity of the agricultural eco environment and promote the improvement of soil quality.

1. Soil acidification conditioning and remediation integrated technology: through independent and cooperative development, developed key technology of remedying farmland soil acidification in segments and parts, including increasing soil pH by soil conditioner, using organic fertilizer to prevent soil acidification and reducing nitrogen application to maintain soil pH. This technology won the second prize of National sScientific and Technological Progress Award in 2018, the first prize of Shennong China Agricultural Science and Technology Award in 2017, and got the fertilizer registration certificate of the Ministry of Agriculture, which has reached the international leading level.

2. Soil conditioner for aggregation structure: break soil compaction, loosen soil, improve soil permeability and increase soil quality by enhancing water permeability, changing soil colloidal charge, and promoting soil microparticle formation. This technology and product is the promoted and recommended by Ministry of Science and Technology Spark Program and won the award of National Key New Products, obtained two national invention patents (ZL00120600.1, ZL201410776102.2) and got the National Ministry of Agriculture fertilizer registration certificate.

3. Soil heavy metal pollution remediation integrated technology: Use high polymer active ingredient to complex, chelate and in situ settlement, combined with soil structure improvement and soil pH regulation, to achieve the soil heavy metal in situ passivation, decrease heavy metal ion absorption and transfer in crops. This integrated technology has obtained 5 national patents, and is in the leading position in China.